My name is Krzysztof Zawadzki and Data Cafe is my analytics and optimisation consulting company.

Transformational in the areas of analytics, marketing, data visualization and web development. I bridge both analytics, programming and business. I have a background in statistics, econometrics and marketing, with a deep understanding of the nitty gritty of analytics and development methods.

I have introduced new tools into organisations and built new processes and ways of doing e-commerce optimisation and digital marketing efficiently. I am entrepreneurial and I get energized by seeing success in my efforts to change how work is done within an organisation.

I’m a natural team player and collaborator with a client-centric approach to business. I believe communication is the key to getting things done, especially innovative changes that can have a massive impact.

Please get in touch hi@datacafe.eu. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Here is what I can do for you

  • data governance and strategy,
  • data collection and its page load performance footprint optimisation,
  • A/B testing, UX optimisation and personalisation (Adobe Target, Optimizely, Maxymiser),
  • data analysis, visualisation and business intelligence (Oracle, Looker, Tableau, Qlikview, R Shiny),
  • analytics tools integrations and optimisation (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics),
  • 3rd party marketing tags and tracking audits (GTM, DTM, Tealium IQ),
  • audience and segmentation strategy (Adobe Audience Manager, Adform),
  • data pipelines and clickstream integration,
  • covering web, mobile, native and hybrid apps.

I worked with many well recognised brands


Please get in touch hi@datacafe.eu. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.