Modern data scientist

Data scientists are in high demand. There is simply not enough talent to fill the jobs. Why? Because the sexiest job of 21th century requires a mixture of broad, multidisciplinary skills ranging from an intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer science, communication and business. Finding a data scientist is hard. Finding people who understand who a data scientist is, is equally hard.

“Being a data scientist is not only about data crunching. It’s about understanding the business challenge, creating some valuable actionable insights to the data, and communicating their findings to the business.”

Jean-Paul Isson, Monster Worldwide, Inc.

It is very likely that you will not be able to hire a data science soloist, who can solve all your data problems. The skill-set presented below is rather a guide on how the modern data team should be equipped.

Have a look below on an infographics I created. It is showing a modern data scientist definition. Please feel free to share or reuse it.

What do you think? Would you add anything else to the modern data scientist skill-set list? What’s your experience in building data analytics teams?